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Ben's Symphonic Orchestra (BSO) is back with its long overdue second album, "Drifting". Benoit Rault's first album, Junk Shop, was co-produced with Courtyard Music (Radiohead, Supergrass...) and released in 2000 to rave reviews. Between these two albums which are as complementary as they are different, Rault spent his time on the European roads for a 50-dates tour, supporting the likes of Lift To Experience, Supergrass and Sparklehorse and also playing the Reading/Leeds and V2001 festivals.

The gap in between albums was also necessary for the elaboration and writing of this self-produced second album. "Junk Shop" contained melodic and DIY pop songs, while "Drifting" explores new musical territories. It is more quiet, sometimes stranger, like "Rockets", "Song from an Unknown Film" or more evanescent, such as the instrumental "Folk is Dead" and "One Day After The Other". "Drifting" has a more quiet and personal side, particularly on the folk part of the album lead by the calm and epic ballads, "From Hull to Hawaii", "Old Lady" and "Bring Me Back to My Country".

But Ben does not hesitate to abandon these bittersweet ambiances on the "dylanian" "Nowhere Land" and on the groovy "God never watches you" for example. And, if Ben enjoys drifting, he has an obsession for addictive melodies and chorus. This explains why, on the new album "Drifting", even the most sophisticated tracks, even the most refined melodies hold catchy choruses.

A multi-instrumentalist, Ben uses many analogue keyboards, guitars, flute and drums always supported by bass lines and rich vocal harmonies. He recorded most of the songs on his own but knew when to call in a bunch of talented collaborators like his stage duo, Flairs and Gregory Baudrier, and also Jean-Michel Pires and Fabio Viscogliosi.

BSO is currently touring the UK and France.