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We've known Mr Quark since his famous single, “A tour of my subatomic thoughts” (Artefact 98) that brought him some rave reviews in France (Les inrockuptibles, Magic !, tracks…) and aboard (Time Magazine, DJ, Melody Maker…). Even the NME honored him when “A tour of my subatomic thoughts” was awarded Single of the week. Tension is the last Mr Quark’s project. Tension was initially released in a vinyl limited edition in 1999 and immediately sold out. In 2000 Microbe re-issued it for the first time ever on an 8-track Cd (with an unreleased track). Tension has seduced many journalists from different backgrounds, from jazz specialists to rock or electro critics. On Tension, jazz laughs, loses one’s head and explodes. Mr Quark kneads jazz mixing all together samples, slide guitars, strange voices and DJ Antimat’s Scratches. An experience between jazz, hip-hop and electronica. On can feel Chares Mingus, Max Roach and Thelonious Monk disguised in free jazz (“Moi cadelack my”, “Il est l’heure d’aller”…), or in fun hip-hop (“Yeah”, “Ouiiaa”…) Tension amazes and moves a very eclectic public.