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Led by Frédéric Jean (young musician of 27 years old), Hyperclean begins composing its first songs in 1994. At this period, Frédéric also starts theatre lessons in Toulouse. Along with music, theatre will become his second passion. Hence he will work as a stagehand in many theatres and become an actor in "the Petite Pierre company", troupe set up in the Gers. At the same time, Frédéric regularly plays his own compositions as well as covers in different places in the Toulouse region.

Thanks to a repertoire of more and more substantial songs, Frédéric decides to found the band Hyperclean in 2001. Thus Ludovic Dulac (Fender Rhodes), Julien Barbagallo (drums), Julien Gasc (Bass) and Benjamin Glibert (Guitar) joined Frédéric to enlarge the Hyperclean ranks. Their explosive music evokes certain troublemakers of the French scene such as Philippe Katerine or Mendelson. They perfectly know how to inject their influences in their songs. Eventually, this inventory makes sense, thanks to ambitious and masterly compositions, coming from a musical horizon as wide as it is impalpable, and that seems to stretch from Nino Ferrer to Dashiell Hedayat, whilst passing through Gainsbourg. As for the lyrics, Frédéric never hesitates to use his theatrical experience. He loves to play comic protagonists and, surprisingly, manages to make us feel close to them. In the end, Hyperclean creates captivating songs as much melodically as textually.

But it's on stage that Hyperclean's music appears under its best form. Their shows always deal both with laughter and tension and are full of an incredible energy. From the opening guest at the ‘gigs’ of Brigitte Fontaine or Java to festivals, Hyperclean always manages to captivate and charm their audience, thanks to their impressive presence.

All these facts justify why Microbe and Bleu Citron were seduced when they first saw the band on stage in 2003. Bleu Citron, booking agency for Brigitte Fontaine, the Fabulous Trobadors and Stéphane Eicher,only to name these, decided to take the band under its responsibility and started to make them play everywhere. As for Microbe (Morning Star, Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra, Fabio Viscogliosi, Mr Neveux…), they became Hyperclean's producer and offered them to record their first LP in the Microbe “Cloud” Studios in January 2005.

Today, Hyperclean keeps on going ahead, their pockets full of projects. The band notably played for the Printemps de Bourges in the “Talents Scène” category, on the 24th of April 2004. Frédéric Jean also takes part in other interesting projects such as UEH, a post-rock band influenced by Tortoise. They released a record in Japan under the AMT label and in consequence of this, Frédéric was invited to play live in Nagoya, in 2002.