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Barbara Carlotti > bio

Barbara Carlotti seems to have nourished herself with the French 60’s icons, with all these specialists of intrigues, of whom beauty was at time pale and delicate and of whom many people will always remain in love of: Barbara, Anna, Karina and Françoise Hardy… The lady sings as very few do nowadays. Her voice fears no inflexion and displays a lyricism filled with outdated charm.

Song writing with a wandering inspiration, between a certain sense of modesty and a constraint free lyric, Barbara Carlotti reveals through out her bitter-sweet songs, the positive and negative aspects of overwhelming love, the beautiful carelessness, pains the heart makes you endure and carry out. This easily offended blonde assumes with elegance and a voice without any artifice, the classical sobriety and gleaming pop gimmicks. 

>>Summer 2003 – Barbara is ready to record: François Merville (drums), Sébastien Boisseau (double bass), Denis Charolles (guitars), all actual protagonists of the jazz scene, provide their elegant virtuosity to the pop project Barbara premeditated with her associate, Jean-Pierre petit.
Chosen by the National Post foundation in January 2004, her song “Anaïs” has since then been aired on Radio Néo (95, 2 FM).

>>April 2004 – Continuation of the disc project with, this time, Bertrand Burgalat, who arranges and plays on 2 new titles.

>>Summer 2004 – Barbara produces a first 7 songs album, soberly named “Chansons” (Songs). The actors and film producers Axelle Ropert, Benjamin Esdraffo, Laurent Talon and Serge Bozon take the posture on the book, as typical indéMODables models, cherished by the sixties garage groups.
>>Spring 2005 – Distributed via a parallel circuit in France and Belgium (since 6 months), and exposed by the national press (Télérama, Libération, La Scène…) and radios (France Inter, France Culture, FIP, Néo…), Barbara’s first auto-produced album takes place in MICROBE’s catalogue.

For more than 1 year, Barbara Carlotti has regularly been programmed in the Parisian’s concerts places, such as “la Maroquinerie”, “le Tryptique” (“Chansons pas Hard” festival), “le Lavoir Moderne” (Festival La Belle Ouïe »), at the Beaubourg Library (for the “Nuit Blanche 2004”), at the “Sentier des Halles” (Paris) and at the Mythos Festival (Rennes, 2005).
First discovered playing acoustic with guitar player Jean-Pierre Petit, concert after concert, Barbara has sharpened her club formula, a mix of bright musicians, all protagonists of the ever active Parisian pop scene: Sébastien Hoog (bass) & Franck Mbouéké (drums).
On stage, more and more people join her: pianist Benjamin Moussay, M. Untel (electric guitar) and Bertrand Burgalat (Rhodes Fender).

Actress in MODS (Serge Bozon), one can also see Barbara in Emmanuel Bourdieu’s movie “Green Paradise”, for which she sings 3 of her compositions. In the meantime, Vladimir Léon has filmed her first video, for her song “Tunis”.