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This is the Kit is the project of Kate Stables, previously living in Bristol and now based in Paris. She was discovered whilst touring in france with morningstar last year and then playing concerts in Paris (with the likes of The National, Elysian Fields, Jos´┐Ż Gonzales, Clogs, Jeffrey Lewis,...), Last year she was invited by the radio one dj Rob da bank to do an accoustic session for the BBC's "one music". This summer rob da bank's label "Sunday Best" has just released her song 2 wooden spoons on 7" single. Multi-instrumentalist, kate plays the guitar, banjo, trumpet, she enchanted us with the texture of her voice and songwriting. This is the Kit is about to release an EP done in collaboration with Jesse Morningstar, and is in the process of finishing her album that was recorded this year with John Parish to be coming out on Microbe.