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Morning Star is Jesse D. Vernon's project, a Bristol based guitarist, violinist, singer & composer. As an ardent activist of the local scene, he started the 90's with leading a band called the Moonflowers. After meeting Jim Barr, Portishead's bass player back in 1996, they both set up the J & J studio, where numerous Bristol musical acts would have their work produced. The team will then later set the Invisible Pair of Hands collective, a highly productive project including Portishead members such as Andy Smith & John Baggott, and will have its work successfully released with Cup of Tea, the famous Bristol label, back in 1997.

With his new project, Morning Star, Jesse's artistic direction evolved, coming back to his early passions, such as Rock & 50's / 60's folk music (Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground or Joao Gilberto, to name a few influences), starting an unprecedented facet of the Bristol scene. Morning Star's first album, released back in November 1999, received a warm welcoming from the press, establishing musical links with early David Bowie, Tim Buckley, Chet Baker or Scott Walker.
"My place in the dust", Morning Star's latest album, shows with even more strength Jesse's personality as a songwriter & orchestrator. John Parish (PJ Harvey's producer, Eels, Giant Sand & Sparklehorse) was totally seduced by Jesse's new material, leading to a musical complicity through the producing of the new album.
With "My place in the dust", Jesse reinvented a melodic and acoustic folk, using beautiful voice, guitar & sophisticated arrangement combinations. One would, after listening, think to assist to the meeting of Leonard Cohen or John Lennon with Gypsy, Mexican or even country Western music. A nonchalant poetry comes out, where the apparent simplicity reveals Jesse's fragile crooner's particular inspiration.
Jesse was once again surrounded by prestigious guests: John Parish (playing percussions, drums & mixing the album), and some old friends from the Moonflowers & Invisible Pair of Hands, such as Jim Barr, John Baggott & Sean O'Neill, who signed two tracks ("I hear the wave" & "Keepers of the fire")

Jesse is currently working on his third album produced by Ben's Symphonic Orchestra and Flor (NLF 3).