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Mr Neveux is a discreet but ultra-creative French electronic music designer. For the last three years, he has penned and launched several musical projects, such as Patrice Chéreau’s "Intimacy " soundtrack (Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival), the soundtracks of three Philippe Calvario plays, a 12’inch single on which he gathered his friends Olaf Hund, Rubin Steiner & Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra,and an electronic live tour that led him all around the world : la Route du Rock in 1999, Batofar, Divan du Monde, the Beiruth festival, the New York Downtown Arts festival.

In the meantime, he has launched his own record label - MICROBE - with Stéphane Ichai, and signed various UK & French acts such as Mr Quark, Morning Star, Yvan Hio, Receiver (ex-Cup of Tea), Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra (the later that he co-produced motivated Microbe and Courtyard Music – Radiohead’s managers -to found Microbe UK), and recently italian artist Fabio Viscogliosi.

Released three years ago, his debut album, "Tuba", licensed to the famous Bristol-based label Cup of Tea (Monk & Canatella, Invisible Pair of Hands, Grantby, Purple Penguins) caught both the public & the media attention, though puzzling everybody with its eclectism and versatility. Neither French Touch, nor Trip Hop or Electro, Mr Neveux created an instrumental masterpiece, based on some programming and samples of soundtracks, funk music & breakbeats.

With "Damn-it the Rock Experience", his second album , Mr Neveux did manage to puzzle the audience once again, now mixing samples and live musicians.

One already knew his talents as a programmer but we now discover his musical background, his passion for the organic vibes of electric pianos, vintage synthetizers (whom has seen him on stage with Morning Star, April March or Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra will knows), flutes, percussions & distorded guitars.

Several great musicians & singers have contributed to the album, such as Mocky (famous for his album "Mesopotamia" & his collaboration with Peaches & Gonzales) who slams on "Munky Racing", Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra’s Mr Flairs & Benoit Rault who play bass, flute & percussions, Big Ben who sensually sings on a special adaptation of a Baudelaire poem ("Reversibilité"), & JP Ensuque, the Autour de Lucie's guitarist (who also mixed the album with Mr Neveux under the name of Analog Boy).

"Damn it -! - The rock experience" is a surprising album, on which Mr Neveux freely combined breaks & contrasts, shadows & lights, with a serious dose of humour but no derision.
Right now, he’s getting an electro live trio together with Gilles Lovighi (drums), JP Ensuque (guitars & effects), & himself on keyboards & samples.